ATU Models

Each ATU package comes complete with tank, aeration pump, lid with locking cover, pedestal and controller.

Do you have an inefficeint ATU and grow weary of replacing filters and compressors?

Aero-Tech's Retro Fix allows other kinds of ATUs to be easily and affordably converted to an Aero-Tech unit.

Aero-Tech model numbers correlate with the amount of wastewater (gallons per day/ Liters per day) that the unit is NSF approved to treat.

These units may be added to an existing or failing system.  

These units may be placed in series or parallel to treat the required daily flow.  Individual units in multiple configurations can be  set to ‘Low Flow Off Season’ settings to conserve power.  Additional units may be added  for future growth.

Aero-Tech Models:

AT-400 400 gpd/1,500 Lpd       Diameter= 1.2 M  Height=2.1 M
AT-500 500 gpd/1,900 Lpd       Diameter= 1.6 M  Height=2.1 M
AT-600 600 gpd/2,300 Lpd       Diameter= 1.6 M  Height=2.1 M
AT-750 750 gpd/2,900 Lpd       Diameter= 1.8 M  Height=2.1 M
AT-1000 1000 gpd/3,800 Lpd     Diameter= 2.1 M  Height=2.1 M
AT-1500 1500 gpd/5,700 Lpd     Diameter= 2.4 M  Height=2.1 M
AT-3000 3000 gpd/11,400 Lpd    Diameter= 3.0 M  Height=2.9 M
AT-5000 5000 gpd/19,000 Lpd    Diameter= 3.0 M  Height= 4.1 M

gpd=Gallons per day
Lpd=Liters per day

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