Fats, Oil, & Grease (FOG)

What is FOG?

FOG includes animal fats, vegetable fats, and oils used to cook and prepare food.  FOG is a solid or viscous substance, which will ultimately create an obstruction in your septic pipes if not properly disposed.  Restaurants deal with larger volumes of FOG than homeowners and renters, but we all need to do our part. FOG can have a very negative impact if not handled properly.  It can cause serious blockages.  Increased maintenance can be very costly.  By being aware of what FOG is and how to reduce it can significantly save you money.

Where does FOG come from?

A byproduct of cooking, FOG comes from meat, fats, lard, oil, shortening, butter, margarine, food scraps, sauces, and dairy products.  When washed down the drain, FOG sticks to the inside of sewer pipes.  Over time FOG can build up, block entire pipes, and lead to serious problems. Directly pouring FOG down the drain after cooking is not the only way it gets into the sewer pipes; it drips off scraps that make their way into the sink and even items that are broken up by the garbage disposal can send FOG down the drain.  Washing dishes (either in the sink or a dishwasher) can also cause FOG to get into the pipes if they aren’t wiped out before washing them.


How should FOG be handled?

To dispose of FOG properly, follow these simple steps:

  • Never pour FOG into your sink or toilet
  • Pour FOG into an empty container, place a lid on the container, & store it for future use (in the refrigerator)
  • When full, dispose of the container in the trash
  • When there is FOG residue in a pan or on a dish, wipe it with a paper towel before washing and throw that towel in the trash
  • Place a strainer in the kitchen sink drain to catch food scraps and other solids, then empty the strainer in the trash
A significant benefit of the AERO-TECH Extended Aeration unit is that it handles and breaks down FOG's very effectively.  Most ATU's will become clogged with FOG thus making them less and less effective.  Not so with the AERO-TECH!  If your application is a commercial restaurant or food service application, the Aero-Tech ATUs can treat CBOD levels as high as 2000 mg/L  down to less than 10 mg/L
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