Frequently Asked Questions

How many gallons of water does the average person use a day?
In the USA the average is approximately 45 gallons a day. In Central America we are told to use 50 gallons per day. You should average 50 gallons per day (190 Lts/day) per person when sizing a system for your home. Or another method is 100 gallons per bedroom.
What appliance in your home uses the most waste water at once?
The Washing Machine! The average clothes washing machine uses over 30 gallons (115 liters) per load! This is HUGE! Conserving and consolidating laundry can add years to your septic system and save thousands of liters of water a year!
Do I need a filter in my septic tank?
An effluent filter keeps solids in the septic tank, so they won't damage your treatment or dispersal system. A filter is relatively inexpensive. Replacing a plugged drainfield can be very expensive. Choose a filter that's made of corrosion-resistant materials; then make sure it has a large flow area so that you minimize maintenance.
Why does the septic tank have to be watertight?
If the tank isn't watertight, groundwater and surface water can make their way into (infiltrate) the tank, and untreated sewage can make its way out of (exfiltrate) the tank. With infiltration, your pump(s) will run more often than normal, which can lead to flooding of (and destruction of) your drainfield. Infiltration also reduces detention time of wastewater in the tank, which interferes with the beneficial primary treatment of wastes that occurs there. Exfiltration also interferes with the primary treatment of wastes. Even worse, untreated sewage can flow into your groundwater.
Do you sell septic tanks?
Yes. Pacific Aqua Systems offers fiberglass tanks. We challenge you to compare our fiberglass tanks to plastic tanks or concrete tanks. You will find that plastic tanks can are considerably weaker and can collapse.  Concrete tanks are very susceptible to the corrosive gases that come from waste water.  This corrosion weakens the concrete leading to cracks, leaks, and eventually collapse.  
What size of septic tank do I need for my home?
Typically, you'll need a 500-gallon tank positioned just before the AERO-TECH tank.
Can we put water softener backwash into our septic system?
No. Water softener backwash does not need wastewater treatment, and the salts and chlorides in it can cause problems with your system. Water softener backwash may be directly discharged to the ground in many locations (though it may damage plant life).
Do YOUR pumps use a lot of electricity?
No. Our typical household aeration pump uses a small low head effluent pump which uses about $7/mo in electricity (depending on local rates).
Do YOUR pumps have to be repaired or replaced frequently?
No. Our pumps last an average of more than 5 years. And unlike conventional ATU blower systems, maintenance is rarely required.
Can you help me design my system?
Yes, but we don't provide "stamped" plans, but we provide design review and design assistance for our distributors and for engineers on both residential and commercial applications.
Do extended aeration systems smell?
No. Jet Aeration systems have odors & noise because a pump blows large amounts air into their tank. AERO-TECH systems blow only 0.5 CFM; consequently, there is no odor and no noise.
What if something goes wrong?
Your system will have a control panel with an alarm, and the alarm will alert you. Then you can call a local septic system installer or service provider. Your system has a 24-hour "reserve" space, so you'll have time to get your system checked out. 
My control panel alarm is going off. What should I do?
If the alarm goes off once, the system may just be alerting you to a temporary overload. Call your service provider. If you do not have a contract with a service provider, Contact Us
Can I use the water from the system to water my lawn?
Yes, we offer sanitizing treatment, storage, and discharge equipment to recycle your homes water. This water can be used to water the lawn and landscaping.


Installation and Maintenance

Aero-Tech aerobic treatment units are manufactured in Plymouth, Indiana, USA.

All Aero-Tech ATUs must be purchased with supervised installation by an Aero-Tech trained and certified installer.  The installer must include two years of system service in their installation price.   After the two years of included service, the homeowner needs to obtain  a yearly service contract with their installer or another certified service provider. Failure to do so will void the 5 year aerator pump warranty.  Maintenance on these units is minimal but necessary to ensure the system continues to function properly.

Routine service includes:

1. Clear the sum in the carifier compartment  – Check every 6 months
2. Clear air vents on the control pedestal -  Check every 6 months
3. Repair or replace submersible aerator  – Possible every 5-10 years
4. Pump sludge from aeration tank   -  Every 2 – 5 years
5. Pump sludge from pretreatment tank  -  Every 2 – 4 years