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We take domestic wastewater and give it back to you as clean, disinfected water for onsite irrigation.

The practice of capturing wastewater from homes and businesses, treating it to a high quality, then delivering the water for reuse.

Recycled water can satisfy most water demands, as long as it is adequately treated to ensure water quality appropriate for the use. Nonpotable uses:, landscape, public parks, and golf course irrigation, artificial lakes and agriculture.

The Need for Reuse is Growing

An editorial, “La crisis del agua” (water crisis) of February 4, 2016 by the country’s leading newspaper La Nacion is clear:

“… The problem is a shortage of water. It’s time to talk about a crisis, without any exaggeration.” If meteorologists are not wrong in predicting the lack of rain, four major areas in the Greater Metropolitan area (GAM) “… could suffer shortages of between four and eight hours a day in the coming months.”

“… Some 131,000 people will be seriously disadvantaged, 120,000 of them with outages of between four and six hours and another 11,000 in Alajuelita, with the most severe shortages, of up to eight hours. In addition, 360,000 inhabitants in the GAM (Gran Área Metropolitana – Greater Metropolitan Area of San Jose) could face a less severe rationing, less than four hours a day. The impact on quality of life and the economy will be enormous. ”

Commercial Water Reuse

Largest commercial water users: offices, schools and golf courses, followed by restaurants and retail Office parks, schools and golf courses would benefit most from reusing wastewater for irrigation.